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version 2003.1.1.1

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Newzzz to Visitorz
29 Dec 2003

Greetingzzz from where its perpetually cold and grey :)

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday!

A musical update from
the.zzzone is long overdue; suffice it to say
that although I lost about a thousand songs in a hard drive crash, I
have steadily been adding a lot of new stuff:

Scanner: 52 Spaces
Lusine icl - a pseudo steady state
Various: absolute zero
Abstractology - Astronomics of Green clover mix
Colin Potter - And Then
Various: Collection 1 Opening
Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb [now playing]
Windy and Carl - Consciousness
taylor deupree and richard chartier - spec
Tujiko Noriko - Make me Hard
Ron Boots - Ghost of A Mist
Nick Parkin - Entropolis
Stephen Philips and Numina - Outward Appearance
parmentier - luxsound
Rothko - New Found Land
Matthew Florianz & Friends - Electronic Forest
Anders Ilar - Everdom

Basically the list above represents about 2% of the music added since
my last update.

The ambient relay stream playlist contains 5979 selections, many of which are 60 mins long
or more!

The ambient stream continues to be ad-free after an initial pre-roll
spot. If you want to avoid the pop-up ads from Live365 you can either
subscripe as a VIP member for 3.65 USD per month (or more) or you can
employ a popup blocker :)

Please come by and tune in. I appreciate all of your support.

You can access the ambient stream directly at

or come by the website at

and choose from all 5 streams: ambient, downtempo, microsound, tech,
and electro.

The last 100 songs played on the ambient stream can be viewed at

I also have some new photos up from my recent trip to Las Vegas.

Happy Holidazzze !!!

dr zzzzz
[remove the ZZZ to respond via email]


1 Nov 2003

I'm adding more music and more photos constantly.

New music from Zero Ohms, Max Corbacho, Mewark, etc.

New photos from Jean Lafitte Park, house, and garden...



12 October 2003

The site continues to change with photoz, recipez, and career opportunitiez.

...and lets not even talk about the music that I've added.

Yes, I am overdue for an update, but the time required is so substantial, it will
have to wait.

The best way to check out the new stuff is to listen in.

More to come

Happy Halloween !!!


19 June 2003

I've chopped the site into smaller segments and made the page load times
hopefully much shorter.

I've also added some nonmusical content and links:

pda.zzzone : dedicated to PDAs and their use in medicine

veggie.zzzone : a sub-site devoted to easy, tasty vegetarian stuff

photo.zzzone : my favorite and best digi-snaps displayed

Also I've added tons of music to all the stations, and I will update this page shortly.

Talk to you soon :)

hello hello hello listenerz & friendz in 2003!!!

it'z been a while since we last spoke :)

all is very, very well at "the.zzzone" where microsound, glitch,
ambient, downtempo, minimal, lowercase, electro, and tech all work
together for your low-key lo-fi listening experience :)

i very much appreciate all the kind emailz and feedback as well as
offerz of music to play.

one listener has even offered to help defray my costz :)

live365 does require a login now, and of course, this requires a
brief registration including name, email addrezz (use a hotmail or
yahoo web addrezz) and location:


i've been very busy with my day job, but NOT too busy to upgrade the
website with a monotone, full color and text version depending on
your browsing preferences:

all stationzzz require a broadband connection now!


i've also updated the artist and label sections:

click this line


...and added two (2) new stationzzz:


home of minimal microsound music featuring the mostly soft tonez of
the following:

ramon bauer/general magic/rehberg & bauer
francois bayle
frank bretschneider/komet
herbert brun
kim cascone
richard chartier
farmers manual
bernhard gunter
christoph heeman
ryoji ikeda
tetsu inoue
zbigniew karkowsi
monolake/robert henke
carsten nicolai/noto/produkt/signal
bernard parmegiani
peter rehberg/pita/rehberg & bauer
jean-claude risset
curtis roads
snd/shirt trax
tom steinle
nobukazu takemura
terre thaemlitz
barry truax
voice crack
trevor wishart
iannis xenakis
wang inc
alva noto
christopher willits


...another new station at "the.zzzone" is

featuring low-key glitchy technoid tunes from the following and many

frog pocket
bovine life
novel 23


i have added literally thousands of songs to my playlistz since the
last update - all from cdz purchased retail or donated by interested

note: i do not use peer-to-peer software to obtain any of this music
nor do i share my music with otherz via this software!!!


"the.ambient.zzzone" additionzzz include selectionz from the following:


Buddhastick Transparent - M

Wierzba - 1999 Earth Termination

Rothko - A continual search for origins

Douglas Burkett - Alien Radio

Hlidolf - selections from

nether - selections from

Stray Theories - selections from

Ankh - Ankh

Cyber Zen Sound Machine - Auslander

Kit Watkins - Beauty Drifting

Drift - Black Line,,580092,00.html

Jeff Pearce - Bleed

Steve Roach and Kelly David - Broken Voyage

Nature Wonders - Celestial Storm

Marvin Ayres - Cellosphere

Kit Watkins - Circle

Robert Carty and Brannan Lane - Climatic Infusion

Larry Kucharz - ComputerChoral Green Prints

Dan Barrio - This Physical World and

Darkened Soul - Rise of the Nameless One and others

Amir Baghiri - DreamResources

Christopher Short - Duende - Day & Night

The Durutti Column - Live Concert in Manchester 2002

Kim Cascone - Dust Theories,,1693793,00.html

Chris Carter (and Throbbing Gristle) - Electronic Ambient Remixes Three

mortar - emperor's return
[drzzzzz: scarey cover!]

Michael Stearns - Encounter

Roedelius featuring Rapoon - Evermore

Basque - Falling Forward
[drzzzzz: ethereal vocal ambience...lovely!]

Frank Rothkamm - more selections from
[drzzzzz: great website and aesthetic!]

Shuttle358 - Frame
[drzzzzz: warm microsound!]

FutureMusicCorp - more selections from

Galactic Anthems - more selection from Galactic Anthems

Runes Order - Il sonno del sogno

Interstitial - selections from

nebula drone - selections from

Streamline - selections from

yellow6 - lake-desert

Diatonis - Landscape of a Dream

Amgsphont - Landsphere Atmoscape

Vir Unis - Mercury and Plastic

James Johnson - Minimum Journeys 2

Lars Blek - Om det skulle regna and other selections

mindscream - drone symphony sketch and other selections
[website down April 2003]

Sounds Of Inner Logic - selections from

porte - kiruna and other selections

blacklab - unified thought and other selections

androne - Void

Piano Magic - mort aux vache

Matt Borghi - Brannan Lane - Jason Sloan : Moving Through

Pete Namlook - New Organic Life III

John Flomer - Of a Stranger Light

Final - One
[sorry but Justin Broderick's Final project is poorly documented on the WWW]

instruction shuttle - open sad circuit

Orphax -

Various - Oscillations compilation
[website not working 1/2003]

Pamplemousse - Poppies

Chris Spheeris and Paul Voudouris - Passage

Stars of the Lid and John McCafferty - Per Aspera Ad Astra

Planet Bliss - selections from

rihmasto - selections from

Numina - Sanctum Sanctorium

Joachim Roedelius - Selfprotrait VII

Ontario Blue - Shine

Steve Roach - Slow Heat

Sol3 - In the Arms of the Sun

Steve Roach - Jorge Reyes - Suzo Saiz : Suspended Memories - Forgotten Gods

Jeff Pearce - Tenderness and Fatality

Eric Serra - The Big Blue Soundtrack

Various - the gatherings compilation

Various : the sound of nature - the nature of sound compilation

J. Arif Verner - Through The Timeless

Brannan Lane - To Earth And Back

Steve Roach and Jeffrey Fayman - Trance Spirits

Ordeal - Traumende

Patrick O'Hearn - Trust

Stutzpunkt - Track 5 - Ufo Beobachtungen 93-95
[good luck with this ebay find]

Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra - Virtual Vices IV

Richard Bone - Vox Orbita

Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny - Western Spaces

Will Green - selections from

legion - zodiac


David Sylvian - Approaching Silence

Mathias Grassow - Lanzarote-Spirits

Robert Babicz - Desert

M Griffin and D Fulton - Imprint

asmus tietchens and vidna obmana - syrenia 2

Steve Roach - Day Out Of Time

Rothko - Forty Years To Find A Voice

Michael Mage - selections from

phoenelai - various selections from "phoenSND>"

Jeff Greinke - Wide View

Low - Songs For A Dead Pilot

Philosopher's Stone - Preparation

Jourdan Laik - selections from

Craig Padilla - Vostok

Viridian Grin - I Had A Dream Which Was Not All A Dream

The Silverman - Silvermandalas

Afflux - Aizier St. Martin-Sur-Mer-Dieppe

Amir Baghiri - Winterscape

Imagho & Ultra Milkmaids - By Mail

Roy Montomery and Chris Heaphy - True

CTI - Electronic Ambient Remixes Two

motion - dust

various - clean compilation

steinbruchel - circa

Chromaticus - Album ONE Introducticus

A Produce - Smile on the Void

Scanner + Tonne - Sound Polaroids

Taylor Deupree - stil.

Low - Trust

alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto - vrioon

Dan Abrams - Stream

Jacob Kirkegaard - 01.02

velma b landovitch - series for spectacles no1

velma b landovitch - series for spectacles no2

Banabila - Spherics

Chessie - Overnight

Palancar - Elysium Planitia

Robert Babicz - Desert

Loscil - Triple Point

Roy Montgomery and Chris Heaphy - True

Loscil - Submers

Akira Rabelais - Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid

Stephen Philips and Matt Borghi - Where Two Points Meet

the elf machine - 2012

exuviae - settling Density

Antenne - #2

jan jelinek avec the exposures - la nouvelle pauvreté

Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony

Pub - Single

lamé gold - the homecoming concert

Roel Meelkop and Tore Honore Boe - Sovezacht

Nemezis - Whispers From Beyond The Window

Trax Beyond Subconscious - Ambient Cut-Outs Vol. 1

Various - Black Faction Reworked

If Thousands - Yellowstone

Rosy Parlane - #1-4

Glühen 4 - Das Schweigen Der Sirenen

[sorry but I could not find anything]

aquaform - undercurrent

Anomalous Disturbances - The Spirit Molecule

David Austin - Forest Song


"the.downtempo.zzzone" includes selectionz from the following:


Craig Armstrong - As If To Nothing

Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only

Various - Zeitlos II

Hôtel Costes 5 compilation

Venus Hum - Hummingbirds

Zero 7 - Simple Things Remixes

Jose Padilla - Navigator SE CD2

aquaform - undercurrent

Calmstreet - 3rd Wave

Various - After Hours 2

Bonobo - Animal Magic

Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow

Various - Blue Rose - Volume 1

Recloose - Cardiology

Morcheeba - Coffeeshop Vol. 3 CD 2

moss - corporation pop

cinerex - cx

Naoki Kenji - Denji Ongaku

Sparklehorse - Global Underground After Hours

dZihan & Kamien - Gran Riserva

Gripper - Grand Central Central Heating 2

Fresh Moods - Love. Death. Angels.

Trio Mocoto - Minus 8 Presents Batucada 2

Temper - Navy Blue

YMC - Nice And Slow

baby mammoth - pork 100

Weekend Players - pursuit of happiness

Various - selected mellow music I

Various - Slow Mo Three

GUARDNER - Somedays In My Life

le coeur - suddenly

Various - Ultra.Chilled 03

The Orchid - We Shall Find Peace

Various - Zeitlos II


"" playlist additionzzz include the following:


Deepart - Snapshots compilation

Vessel - Dreaming In Pairs

nathan michel - abc def

Nobukazu Takemura - 10th

EU - Tuner

Eight Frozen Modules - Orthlorng Musork

kettel - smiling little cow

Various - Annexe- Cottage Industries

Various - Annexe- Cottage Industries II

Various - Artist and Computer.mp3

Various - Clicks & Cuts 3

Scanner vs Pelican City - SF002

alexandroid - sinoptic

Various - Snapshot compilation

E-vax - parking lot music

Sica - Partially Function Stub

si-cut.db - Enthusiast

tennis - europe on horse back

Various - copier.coller compilation

Various - Alba Asurdia compilation

nathan michel - abc def

Various - A - RND_0.34873349921 compliation

EU - reframing

qebo - flopper

Infant - Growing Up

Freiband - Homeward

tennis - furlines

Andrew Duke - sprung

Various - Bip-Hop Generation volumes 1-6 compilations

......for a more exhaustive list with some label linkzzz check the

live365 forum thread:



.micro.zzzone. playlist additionz include the following:


Robert Babicz - Desert

Akira Rabelais - Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid

alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto - vrioon

various - Lowercase Sound compilation 4xCD

Domotic - Bye Bye

alva noto - transform

Nobukazu Takemura - 10th

Rosy Parlane - #1-4

Glühen 4 - Das Schweigen Der Sirenen

motion - dust

various - clean compilation

various - lowercase comp 4xcd

...for a more exhaustive list with some label linkzzz check the

live365 forum thread:


Electro - ZZZone playlist additionzzz include the following:


Shifted Phases - The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J.


növö - konstruktivizm

Silicon Scally - Mr. Machine





wow! its been a busy 6 monthzzz!

isn't electronic music wonderful!

please tune in!


dr zzzzz

[broadband required to listen]


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