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the.zzzone infomaticzzz
...notezZz, reviewzZz, new releasezZz...
version 2002.1.1.1

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pictures from the outdoors: outside the station

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general station info

...i'm just dropping a quick line to inform the most important people
I know of a website upgrade for the.zzzone:

will take you to the new minimalistic site featuring

1. faster loading
2. no seizure-inducing banners or icons
3. the ultimate in user-friendliness
4. a lowercase, lower intensity design approach the next week my new domain

will be activated also.

...let me know if you have anything good or bad to say: i can take it!

dr zzzzz

ps lotzzz of new music has and will be added (since the last update)


...greetings from the.zzzone from which all thingzzz lazy & beautiful emanate!

...its always slow and melodic here! Cold outside but warm inside!

***station newzzz


The station has has some downtime due to frequent ice storms and snow
which are already setting in for our long cold winter here in
"Greenland." However, our new relay broadcast setup with Live365 and
an autoplay backup system should minimize these issues in the future.

Listenership has been up at least prior to our downtimes. We now
routinely host 200-400 streams per day with an average listening time
of about an hour.

We have had to move our website due to our ISP changing servers. The
main home page is the same:

A direct link to the music controls is at


and for *UPDATED* linkzZz to your favorite ambient & downtempo

artists go here:


Under "Artists"" and "Labels and Retail" you can easily find ways to
purchase most of the music played on my station.

A direct link to my Live365 webpage for The.Ambient.ZzZzZone is at

Pictures from outside the transmitter location can be viewed at


***netradio taxation update


Things are very active now. NetRadio broadcasters are negotiating
with the RIAA to set up new fees ("taxes") based on a percentage of
income of the netradio broadcaster (Live365 in my case...I PAY for
most of my music...with a few wonderful exceptions...and I PAY for my
bandwidth, software, and webspace)

You can get a hint of the complexity and disagreement over these
issues (involving Congress, Library of Congress, RIAA, musicians, and
netradio broadcasters...big and small ones) by going to

Live365's side of the situation can be viewed here:[you may have to
register FREE]

To the Live365 Community and Internet Radio fans at large -
We are at a defining point in the evolution of this medium.
Individuals in Washington are determining the fate of Internet Radio
as I write this.

Please take a moment, and write your thoughts about Internet radio,
and what it offers that you can't find anywhere else.

*Why do you listen to Internet Radio?

*What Live365 stations do you tune in to regularly?

*Do you buy CDs of artists you hear on Internet Radio?

*Are you a broadcaster? If so, what do you like about broadcasting?

How much money do you spend on music for your stations?

*Where do you listen (home/work)?

*Any other message you'd like to send to Congress?

Feel free to expound on any of these questions. If you have other
thoughts, don't hesitate to include them. The more insightful and
well-written your posts, the better. I will not include anything
obscene or abusive, so don't waste your time. The point of this is to
communicate to our Representatives how we can help promote music
sales, and help artists, copyright holders and music fans - in
addition to the existing channels that are already there.

Thank you for your input.

betty ray
live365 senior editor & director of community


***New Playlist AdditonzZz

------------------------------------- the.ambient.zzzone...

Selections from:

Various - Body & Soul Magazine Collection - Lunar Twilight ambient

Segayov Renni - Within A Radius Vectron

Divine Soma Experience - Welcome to the land of the dragons

Draemgate - Twilight

Vespertine - transmissions from the Antiworld

Lane Formschlag - Three

Jeff Pearce - The Hidden Rift

farfield - the edges of everything

centrozoon - the cult of: bibbiboo

Pete Namlook - Syn II

Various - Swarm of Drones compilation

Centrozoon - sun lounge debris

Vidna Obmana - Subterranean Collective

Philip Munch and Bernhard Wostheinrich - Show Of Exaggeration

Robert Rich - Shamballa

bernhard gnter - REDSHIFT

Ian Boddy - rare elements compilation

Patrick O'Hearn - Indigo

Various - Index 01 compilation

Sylken - Illusions Of Light

Icecake - Icecake

Michael Sandler - Geschichte

Various - frangibility - Eleven One Records Artist Sampler 1

Ora - Final

Distant Waves - Etched Skies

O Yuki Conjugate - Equator

Steve Roach - Empetus

Diatonis - Dark Universe : Hidden Between The Particles

Various - Convergent Evolution compilation

Various - Chill Out Or Die 3 compilation
[ links]

Farfield - Beginning To Freeze

Various - Aural Gratification Vol 2 compilation
[no links...sorry]

Tear Ceremony - An Hourglass of Opals

Diatonis - Ambient Life Vol 2

Sola Translatio - Ad Infinitum

Numina - The Haunting Silence

Cyber Zen Sound Machine & Matt Borghi - The Intercepted Transmissions

IXOHOXI - Somnabulae

Diatonis - Invisible Order

Cyber Zen Sound Engine - Moonscapes : How Stones Become Enlightened

Larry Kucharz - DigiChoral Blue Portraits

BlueTonicWorld - The Bluest Tonic Album

***More additions
------------------------------------- the.downBeat.zzzone...

If you need URLs or contact/sales info, just email me or check my
website linkzZz:


Selections from:

Moby - 18

Audio Lotion - Adelante!

Various - Bambuddha Grove Ibiza Vol. 2 - The Journey compilation

Various - Berlin Lounge - Berlin By Day & By Night compilation

Various - Cafe Del Sol Vol 3 compilation

Various - Caf del Sol-Vol. 1 compilation

Various - Cafe Gekco - affinity compilation

Various - caf noir chill house #1 compilation

Various - Cafe Noir-musique pour bistrots-Cocktail & Lounge #1 compilation

Various - Chill Out Cafe volume cinque compilation

Various - Chill Out Free compilation

Various - chill out in the city compilation

Various - Chill Out Lounge Vol. 1 compilation

Various - Chilled Spirit compilation

Various - chill-in volume four compilation

Various - Chillout 2002 compilation

Various - CHILLOUT Experience 1 compilation

Various - Chillum Dreams Vol. 1 compilation

Various - Cocktale & Lounge No 2 compilation

Various - Compost Community compilation

Various - Disco Nouveau compilation

Joseph Malik - Diverse

Various - Earth Octave Lounge Vol 1 compilation

Various - Exploration In Chill compilation

Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By

Various - Hi-Fidelity Lounge - Volume Two - Licensed to Chill compilation

Various - Highway & Landscape 2 (Deep Beats & Chilled Breaks)compilation

Various - Instant Karma compilation

Monte La Rue - Interludia

Sarah Cracknell - Lipslide

Various - Man Ray Volume II compilation

jimpster - martian arts

A Forest Mighty Black - Mellowdramatic Remixed

Various - Ministry Of Sound - The Chillout Annual 2002 compilation

The Gentle People - Music To Watch Comets By

king kooba - nufoundfunk

Various - Om Lounge 5 compilation

ORG Lounge - ORG Lounge

The Dining Rooms - EU Remixes

breath - Slow Down

Various - Space Jazz compilation

Various - Straight Out The Cat Litter (scoop three) compilation

Tetris - Tetris

Various - The Acid Lounge Vol. 1 compilation

Various - The Chillout Annual 2002 compilation

Various - the night is young 2 compilation

Various - Trip Hop Boutique compilation

Various - Verve Remixed compilation

Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded

Koop - Waltz for Koop

Anthea - Words & Beats

Various - Yellow Productions - Music To Keep Your Wife Happy compilation

Peace Orchestra - Reset

Solarus - Crystallized

Various - Om Lounge 6 compilation

Various - Paris Lounge 2 By Day & By Night compilation

Jose Padilla - Souvenir

Supreme Beings of Leisure - Divine Operating System

Jose Padilla - Navigator

Various - Subzero - The essential chill out collection compilation

Vairous - Purified compilation

Various - Geisha Lounge compilation

Various - Ultra.Chilled 02 compilation

Various - OM 100 compilation

Various - Stone.Scissor.Paper.03.Paper compilation

Various - Music and Movement One compilation

Various - Easy Tempo compilation

Various - A Room Full Of Tuneful

Various - Zen And The Art Of Chilling 2 compilation

Baby Mammoth - Seven

Various - I Love Paris compilation



ThatzZz enough for this update!

I'll be adding a ton of new music including the selections from new
Sonogram CD from Simulcra at

The world of ambient and downtempo music is VERY active; as a result,
this ancient broadcaster is VERY VERY happy :)

Please tune in and update your earzZz with some lazy drones and
melodies from one of my stations.

FYI I also have a slow dance-oriented station and a robotic electro
station available for folkzZz with a high bandwidth connection.

There is also a downtempo station for modem speed conncections.

All are available at


A VERY special thankzZZ to all the wonderful music artists who have
provided me with promotional material. Hopefully this investment in
my efforts will pay off for you. I certainly hope so! I will be
adding artist's websites to the text displayed on the Live365 player
window in the near future.

Dr ZzZzZ


GreetingzZz fellow ambienteers!

It has been an eventful month at the ZzZzZone:

1. The Library of Congress placed a webcasting surcharge on all netradio
stations of $0.0007 per song per listener.

2. My station upgrade was completed allowing complete track information to be
displayed and increasing the reliability of my ambient stream.

3. The station upgrade forced me to systematically relabel all of my ambient
tracks (currently 4152) with ID3V2 MP3 tags. This necessitated my purchase of
new labelling software and then using the software for well over 12 hours solid
to get my tags into shape. Carpel tunnel here I come!

4. Lots of wonderful new music added! See below.


The RIAA-sponsored Library of Congress-specified netradio webcasting rates

The incredible financial burden on Live365 (hundreds of thousands of dollars per
month) will be sliced & diced into a flat $5 surcharge per station per month.

This lessens the impact for the stations that have high listenership 
dramatically and makes the stations with very low numbers contribute their fair
share to Live365's coffers. This surcharge (although devastating to netradio in
a broad sense) may actually increase the impact of Live365 and increase the
number of broadcasters.

Netradio stations that are not covered under a large organizational umbrella 
will be severely hit in some cases with surcharges at >$1000 per month. Check 
the SomaFM link below for one such casualty:

Perhaps SomaFM will come onto the Live365 ship?

Further information can be found here:


Station Upgrade Completed:

My station switched from Live broadcast mode to relay which merely means that I 
now transmit my stream to a server application for which the servers at Live365 
actively "listen". This puts the technical burden on Live365 to keep my stream 
on the air!

Listenership is up! I'm getting to close to an average of 300 streams launched 
each day with an average listening time between 60 and 90 minutes.

Along with this I added a piece of software that transmits the following:

Artist name
Track name
Track length
CD/Album name

to the Live365 player window.

Hopefully this will allow greater ease in interested listeners pursuing the 
purchase of this great genre of music.

And to enable all of the information to be sent to the Live365 player, I had to 
purchase another piece of software and systematically retag with ID3V2 tags 
many, many of my ambient MP3s. As you may know, I started broadcasting in 1999 
and at that time I really didn't have a good knowledge base on the technical 
issues involved. Therefore, during the encoding of my CDs to MP3s, I did not 
consistently label my files correctly. Over the last year or so I have 
correctly encoded and labeled newer files. Two weeks ago I spent nearly two 
solid days retagging my older mislabeled files.

They were a mess!!!!!!!!!!


Playlist Additions:

Since the last update I have added selections from approximately fifty (50!) CDs 
to The.Ambient.ZzZzZone playlist. See below.

Datura - 1.0

Stephen Philips 7X - 7X

Stephen Philips 12X - 12X

ozma - a huge and slient place

Diatonis - Ambient Life Vol 1

Distant Waves - several selections from

androne - selections from website

Terrestrial Repeater - selections

abstractology - strangeloveclip

James Johnson & Vir Unis & Chris Short - Aqua Culture I

Angela Jaeger & David Cunningham - artificial homeland
[Technically this had been on my playlist for years. However, these selections 
had to be re- encoded and relabelled due to problems mentioned above. 
On Made To of my favorite CD labels of all time.]

Steve Roach & VidnaObmana - Ascension Of Shadows
Steve Roach & VidnaObmana - Cavern of Sirens

Alio Die and Amelia Cuni - Asparas

dreamSTATE - Between Realities

Marshell - 8BIT

Tom Opdahl - black smoker

Negru Voda - Dark Territory

Darshan Ambient - Darshan Ambient

Richard Bone - Electropica

buddhastick transparent - featuring something in the air

FutureMusicCorp - selections

Galactic Anthems - selections

rosy parlane - getxo

Jim Cole - Godspace

matthew florianz (liquid morphine) - GrijsGebied

Leland Burr - Hover

Alio Die - Incantamento

Alio Die - Leaves Net

Jim Cole - WayBeyond 1 + 2

Stephen Philips - Looking Out The Window

3 AM - Distant Early Warning

Genuine Childs - Dream Valley

Nux Vomica - selections

John Flomer's Primal Cinema - Mysterious Motions of Memory

Loess - NR 002

Nunc Music compilation
[Out of print. Beautiful. Ebay!]

Octopus - Octopus 3

open - tstorm meditations

Phonophani - Phonophani

A Natural Wonder - Redwood Wind
[I got this on Ebay. Its a disc of sounds from the Redwood forest of California 
combined with soft, soothing ambient or new age music.]

Michael Stearns - Sacred Site

Thom Brennan - Satori

Biosphere - Shenzhou

Thom Brennan - Shimmer

Sol3 - Twilite_of_the_Gods

Zero Ohms & Brannan Lane - Soundfall To The Infinite

Peter Benisch - Soundtrack Saga

Nitramelo - Soundtracks from Genius Loci

Steve Raymar - selections from

Burhan Ocal & Pete Namlook - Sultan Osman

Surface 10 - Surface 10

Steve Roach - The Lost Pieces

Lustmord - The Place Where The Black Stars Hang

Vir Unis & Chris Short - The Yellow House

Vir Unis & Saul Stokes - Thermal Transfer

Jonathan Hughes - Trillium

Kent Sparling - Under New Manna

Thom Brennan - Vibrant Water

Ontario Blue - Waiting For Rain

Ashera - We Gaia

Bertram Cabot Jr - When Children Sleep

encomiast - winter's end



Thanks to the generosity of all the musical artists and labels that have donated 
some of the music above!

I believe that exposure on my station may help sales, and therefore I don't 
understand the new webcasting fees: essentially asking me to pay to promote this 
music. As you know, I do not get any revenue from my streams whatsoever.

In fact I pay for the music in most cases, pay for the right to broadcast on 
Live365, pay for my ISP/bandwidth, pay for all the software and dedicated 
computer hardware, and I pay for my website space.


That's it for this very long update.

Please tune in and let me know what you are thinking.

If you would like to donate any music for airplay, please email me:



GreetingzZz again (and SO soon) from Chill-Drone-ZzZzZone Central!

I have added a bunch of new & wonderful selectionzZz!!!


The.Ambient.ZzZzZone adds include the following:

Stephen Philips: 5X
Stephen Philips: 6X
[both available at]

Beyond Me compilation []

The Circular Ruins: Confluence

Don Campbell: Essence [!]

Laraaji & Roger Eno: Islands []

Cyclob: Mood Bells [on Rephlex]

Interstitial: Temporal Arc []

Darshan Ambient: Vermilion Sky []

Chronologi 12k compilation [on 12k]

Steve Roach & Roger King: Dust To Dust [from]
I had to re-add this one due to playlist problems.

Michael J Schumacher - Four Stills []

IXOHOXI - Luxon []

Thom Brennan - Mountains

Darshan Ambient - Sans Halo []

Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner []

Thom Brennan - Beneath Clouds

electric flat land compilation on Sub Rosa []

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - InnerZone
[the latest from Steve & Sam!]

Labradford - Mi media naranja []

Tom Shaw - Music for an Art Gallery []

Fragmented - Set []

Weltbrand - Turbund Strumwerk


If anyone wants to view CDs and songs that were added to the stream
over the last 3 years, you can justscroll down. 

There will be a link at the bottom of each web page to
go back to the preceding year. If you have any questions about
availability of any of this music, please email and I can point you
at the appropriate retailer.

I am still in the process of revamping my cluttered playlist so that
all of the music will play and the song titles will display

Have a great Spring!

Dr. Z


GreetingzZz from that most relaxed of places: The.ZzZzZone!
I have been very busy with station equipment, website, and music upgrades.

I hope you find my effortzZz worthwhile.


*New equipment includes the following:

1.4 ghz Athlon desktop with 512 mb RAM running WinXP Pro
BusLink USB 2.0 card & 2.0 USB hub, & 100 ghz USB 2.0 hard drive
DataFab USB 1.1 hard drive adapter


*New website features include the following:

Updated Artist's Links (email me for additions or corrections)

Website Time Indicator


*Station Playlist corrections:

Due to my technical expertise deficits early on in the station's history,

many selections have not been played ever or very much.

Largely this has been due to file names that are much too long or contain

unnecessary characters. Recently I discovered this problem, and I have

been combing through my 3600 plus MP3 files to correct this issue. As a

result you should be hearing many, many songs that have not previously

been heard!


...and last but certainly not least...many, many, many additions to the

playlists for the downtempo/chillout and ambient streams!

I made a minor change in the name of the ambient station. It is now known




Ambient.ZzZzZone additions include selections from the following:

Cascone & Chartier & Deupree: After [available at]

ophoi - athlit [available at]

Aarktica - the hook, the reel, and the pull - from Bliss Out v. 18

Brannan Lane & Vidna Obmana - Deep Unknown [Brannan is another list
subscriber and contributed this selection to the station. ThankzZz!]

Robert Scott Thompson - Frontier [RST is an involuntary subscriber to this
mailing list. ThankzZz!]

Lee DiBane - Falling Upwards Into Sky [available at]

Earnest Woodall - Pictures In Mind

Thom Brennan - Secret Faiths of Salamanders

IXOHOXI - Aleph Null [Welcome to the mailing list IXOHOXI]

Brian Eno - Apollo [previously encoded but not on playlist due to
technical reasons. This was another seminal work for my interest in
ambient music.]

Inoue, Edwards, & Beail collaboration CD [previously encoded but not on
playlist due to technical reasons]

Stephen Phillips & Isomorph - Cave of the Wind [welcome Mr. Phillips &
Isomorph to this list! available at]

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Distant Rituals [I have received
communications from Ian & Markus, and I welcome both to this mailing list.
Available at the DiN site.]

Ghislain Poirier - Il n'y a Pas de Sud...[avaiable at]

Markus Reuter - The Longest in Terms Of Being [According to MR, this is
his best work to date!]

Antonio Testa & Alio Die - Prayer for the Forest [available at]

Protogonos - Strange Geographie [Available at]

ambient.02@hyperreal compilation [Available at]

Philosopher's Stone - Apparatus on Kranky

blacklab - natural_chemical and others from the Net

codec scovill - clinical imperfections [available at]

Numina & Stephen Philips - From Within The Abyss [available at]

Khan - Blue Pool

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Outpost [Available at]

Rod Modell - The Autonomous Music Project [available at]


I renamed the ChillOut.ZzZzZone to


as I thought that "downbeat" was a better descriptor. However, I think

you can still "chillout" there, too!


New additions to The.DownBeat.ZzZzZone include selections from the


Pure Atmosphere comilation [available at]

Ambient Lounge II 2xCD compilation

De-Phazz - De-Tunized Gravity (2nd edition)

De-Phazz - Godsdog (2nd edition)

East European Beats compilation

Laub - Filesharing

Mettle Music's - Honeycomb Lounge

Aromabar - Milk & Honey

Pearl Diver Number One compilation on Mole

Surrealism 2xCD compilation

Beth Hirsch - Title & Idols

Down Tempo & Chill Out compilation

Naomi - Everyone loves you

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

Irma Chill Out Cafe 6 compilation

Modern Jazz Movement Vol 6 compilation

Room Service Vol II 2xCD compilation on Mole

The Herbaliser - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Mere Mortals - Universal Code

Coffee Shop Chillin Sessions Vol 6 compilation

Momma Gravy - Dribble It On

Fenetik 2 The Sound of Music compilation

Fila Brazillia - Jump Leads

Rae & Christian - Nocturnal Activity [Sleepwalking Remixed]

Spylab - This Utopia

Benjamin Wild - With Compliments


CARP update:

If anyone has questions on how to acquire anything on my playlist via the

many, many reputable dealers and artists I deal with, please email me.

To remind everyone, I acquire all my music via retail or directly from

artists. Support all of these artists if you want to continue to hear the

fruits of their labors!

I make NO money from my stations. There are no ads on my website. The

only advertisements that I feature on my streams are placed by my

bandwidth provider and pay for the streaming costs (I do NOT

get any revenue from these ads.) These ads consist of popups and banner

ads on the Live365 player window and audio ads in the various streams.

I pay thousands of dollars per year on music, thousands of dollars per

year on station equipment, and thousands of dollars per year for the

bandwidth my stations utilize. As an entity that is already paying this

much money to promote my favorite genres of music and the associated music

artists, I simply will not be able to continue to broadcast if the current

CARP legislation stands.

For an update on CARP, please go to the Live365 site:

or to the great RAIN site:

If you are a musical artist or a fan of music that is not broadcast via

conventional radio, please consider supporting the anti-CARP coalition.

Remember, I am not denying musical artists their due, as the sole purpose

of my stations is to promote beautiful electronic music by largely

independent artists. I think it is only fair that the royalties be

reduced to a proportion of the income derived from such streaming

netradio. This will allow independent webcasting to continue AND give the

artist a return for their efforts. Without a change in the present CARP

situation, independent netradio will be killed by the awesome financial

burden. NO or less netradio means less promotion for many struggling


Read even more about CARP HERE.


Listenership continuezZz to climb, averaging 300-500 streamzZz
launched per day with Total Listening HourzZz (TLH) (per rolling 30
days) approaching 6000 hourzZz! Average listening time variezZz
between 45 and 105 minutezZz.



Valued Internet Radio Listeners & Musical Artists:

Thank you for taking a moment to preserve your access to the kind of
Internet radio that you are listening to right now.


Recently the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) that was
appointed by the U.S. Government Copyright Office, at the prompting of
the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), recommended new
and burdensome royalty payments on Internet radio broadcasters. These
royalties do not apply to traditional broadcasters of AM and FM radio,
so they represent a direct attempt by the RIAA to drive Internet radio
out of business. For some reason, they believe that Internet radio is
a threat to CD sales, even though they also believe that broadcast
radio represents free advertising.

You can read more about this ruling, issued by the Copyright
Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) at .

These royalty costs far exceed our actual income let alone any profit.
They are also retroactive to 1998. This means that most stations are
facing massive "past due" bills for everything they have ever played
to listeners like you in the last four years. In simple terms, this
misguided ruling by the panel will bankrupt most Internet radio
stations. At best, a few deep-pocket corporations will continue to
serve music over the Internet. Since these few corporations will
dominate the market, the variety you have come to love will 
in favor of high-profit "Top 40" formats.

There is still hope. The CARP ruling is being appealed. You can
influence this process by sending a fax to your congressman and your
senator, but you must do so today. The CARP ruling will soon be
finalized in early May and then it will be too late. To help you, we
have set up a free fax service that will do this for you. All you have
to do is supply us with your name and address so that we can
automatically determine who represents you and send them a fax. You
will have a chance to view the fax to make sure that you agree with
what it says. We will need to retain your personal information in
order to prove that the faxes we are sending to congress are from real
people. However, we will not share your personal information with
anyone else for any reason without your permission.

Please help us stay in business, so that we can continue to serve you!

Go here to sign and send your fax!


For more anti-CARP info check out these linkzZz:,1285,50551,00.html


Playlist additions from early 2002 follow:

Amongst Myselves: Still Life

ApollyoN: Embracing The Shadows Of Self Doubt

*Brian Eno: Music For Airports [I can't believe I didn't add this one

long first ambient vinyl record in the late '70's]

erik t'sas & matthew florianz: molenstraat

ganzfeld: half-life

Hav: Christian Hy Knudsen

ISHQ: Sonic Incense Vol I: Orchid

IXOHOXI: Sacred Ground

j. frede: eremiophobia

Jim Cole & Spectral Voices: Coalescence

Jonn Serrie: Planetery Chronicles II

Juno Reactor: Luciana

komet: rausch

Kyle Gann: Custer's Ghost

L Formschlag & Brannan Lane: Two Halves Of The Same Side

Ma Ja Le & James Johnson: Seed

Novisad: Seleya

openstage: maaskanaal

openstage: maaskanaal strand

Ousia: tracks

P Ellis: Appears to Vanish

Padmasana: tracks

Passing Strange compilation: Biff Johnson, David Hastings, Jeff

Karsin, Kirk Watson, The Autumn Project, & Brian Parnham

Palancar: Casuality & other tracks

Sara Ayers: Drowning In The Light

Silent Watcher of Dark Matter: Installation

Stephen Phillips: 9X

syri: elemental

Tara Vanflower: This Womb Like Liquid Honey

Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp: Instant Replay

Thomas Koner: Daikan


Vir Unis: Dreamers at the Edge of Decaying Light

Vir Unis: Lumen

Yellow 6: Music For Pleasure

Cole & Grassow: The Hollow

Sleep Research Facility: nostromo

Der Spyra: The Bright Side of The Sun CD2

Rod Modell: The Autonomous Music Project

K Braheny * T Clark: The Spell

James Johnson: Odyssey

IXOHOXI: Spiritus Quantus

IXOHOXI: Continuum


I'm tired typing the titles in! Time for a snoooooozZze!


*NEWLY Updated Site linkzZz to many artists:


Happy New YearzZz!

What a year!  "2001: A <fill in the blank> Odyssey"
Thingzzz have been a bit cold & gloomy here in the
Artic Circle.
It's been snowing nearly constantly; my spirits are sagging...

...except for all the beautiful ambient music I've added to the playlist
over the last few long cold months!

MLO: 01 Hour 01 Minute 01 Second
10X: 10X
11X: 11X
Amir Baghiri: Rooms CD1
A Sombient Collection: The Throne of Drones
Aloof Proof: expo one
Aloof Proof: Inside The Quiet
Alpha Wave Movement & Jim Cole: Bislama
The Shamen: Arbor Bona Arbor Mala CD2
Bernhard Gunter: Time, Dreaming Itself
chris carter: electronic ambient remixes one
Darshan Ambient: The Ghost of Summer Dreams
Darshan Ambient: After The Night
Darshan Ambient: OverLand
George Winston: December
IXOHOXI: The Future of the Future
James Johnson: Linger
James Johnson & Robert Scott Thompson: Forgotten Places
Jim Cole & Spectral Voices: Sky
Jliat: The Dancing Horse
Jonn Serrie: Century Seasons CD1 and CD2
Kevin Braheny: Galaxies
Matt Borghi: Out-Takes and Other Works
Main: Hz
Mathias Grassow: The Lanzarote Concert CD 1 and CD2
Matt Borghi: December Impressions
Matthew J Harris: Blind Cinema
Mindwalk: Floating Inside (
Olaus: In A Quiet World
Paul Ellis: Into The Liquid Unknown
Paul Shutze: Nine Songs from the Garden of Welcome Lies
Piano Magic: Mort aux Vaches
Piano Magic: Son de Mar
R Leykam & F Mark: Ghost-Way of Thinking
Robert Scott Thompson: Alchemy
Sara Ayers: Interiors
Sara Ayers: Voices
Skopelitis & Bjorkenheim: Revelator
Soehngenetic: Second Hand
Steve Roach: Core
Jason Sloan: The Shoreline of an End
The Spacewrm: See You Later Oscillator
Vir Unis & James Johnson: Perimeter CD1 and CD2
Zero Point: Lessons in being nothing
Caul: Light From Many Lamps
Zero Ohms: Atma-Spheric Surfaces
Zero Ohms: Supreme * Infinite * Essence

..and from my friends at

Abney Park: Dark Christmas selections
BlueTonicWorld: The Deepest Blue Album selections
greenhaus: the greenhaus effect selections
Johannes Roussel: selections from Passages and others
Ryan Farish: Daydreamer selections
Shojin: various selections 
The Umphrey Jackson Project: Sleep walking selections

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