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Newzzz to Visitorz
24 April 2004
Here's some new stuff added in more of a realtime mode:

Ma Ja Le - Dreams In The Orchard Of Of Saturn
Darkened Soul - Dreamscapes
Bloodflowers - torn at the seams

18 April 2004

As much as I love this site, its hard to maintain.

I apologize for not having more news in a timely

I am constantly adding new music so tune in for the REAL NEWS!

New additions lately include selections from the following (legitimate) CD recordings
or internet downloads:

Alio Die and Yannick Dauby - 'Descendre Cinq Lacs Au Travers D'une Voile'
Ma Ja Le - Dreams In The Orchard Of Of Saturn
Darshan Ambient - The Zen Master's Diary
Amir Baghiri and Brannan Lane - Lucid Circles
Farfield - Sonic Entities
Information - Biomekano
samsangelwings - dream splinters in the doorway
Aperus - hinterland
Deep Chill Network - Cyber Sleep 4
Ashera - Enviro
Diatonis - Ambient Life CD1+2+3
Douglas Quin - Antarctica
Saul Stokes - Fields
John Duvall - Hell's Canyon
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden
pholde - in accordance with conscience
Pholde - In Favour Of More Permanent Pleasures
Michael Brook - Live At The Aquarium
Edgar W. Froese - ambient highway vol. 2
Atom Infant Incubator - Quantum Leaps Lost Soundtracks
encomiast - espera bonus CD
IXOHOXI - Ambient Tone Poems Volume 1 & 3
A Produce and Ruben Garcia - Early Sessions 1991 - 1993
Runes Order - The Art Of Scare And Sorrow
Jon Hopkins - Opalescent
Robert Rich and Steve Roach - Strata
Zero Ohms - Unafraid of the Impending Silence
Giles Reaves - Sacred Space
Sylken and Pholde - Sculptor
Forma Tadre - Navigator
rodach - music for fish
birds of tin - wed if by transitions

Be sure and check out my flora and fauna shots from
Greenland In The Spring!

And be sure and check out the websites of the artists that I play.
Many of them offer their compositions directly for very little money.

And thanks to the many, many artists and labels that generously donate
music for airplay.

There are now a stunning
6179 ambient selections in constant rotation!!!!




29 Dec 2003 - 29 Dec 2003 - 29 Dec 2003

Greetingzzz from where its perpetually cold and grey :)

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday!

A musical update from
the.zzzone is long overdue; suffice it to say
that although I lost about a thousand songs in a hard drive crash, I
have steadily been adding a lot of new stuff:

Scanner: 52 Spaces
Lusine icl - a pseudo steady state
Various: absolute zero
Abstractology - Astronomics of Green clover mix
Colin Potter - And Then
Various: Collection 1 Opening
Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb [now playing]
Windy and Carl - Consciousness
taylor deupree and richard chartier - spec
Tujiko Noriko - Make me Hard
Ron Boots - Ghost of A Mist
Nick Parkin - Entropolis
Stephen Philips and Numina - Outward Appearance
parmentier - luxsound
Rothko - New Found Land
Matthew Florianz & Friends - Electronic Forest
Anders Ilar - Everdom

Basically the list above represents about 2% of the music added since
my last update.

The ambient relay stream playlist contains 5979 selections, many of which are 60 mins long
or more!

The ambient stream continues to be ad-free after an initial pre-roll
spot. If you want to avoid the pop-up ads from Live365 you can either
subscribe as a VIP member for 3.65 USD per month (or more) or you can
employ a popup blocker :)

Please come by and tune in. I appreciate all of your support.

You can access the ambient stream directly at

or come by the website at

and choose from all 5 streams: ambient, downtempo, microsound, tech,
and electro.

The last 100 songs played on the ambient stream can be viewed at

I also have some new photos up from my recent trip to Las Vegas.

Happy Holidazzze !!!

dr zzzzz
[remove the ZZZ to respond via email]


1 Nov 2003

I'm adding more music and more photos constantly.

New music from Zero Ohms, Max Corbacho, Mewark, etc.

New photos from Jean Lafitte Park, house, and garden...


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