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Several hours of new and classic ambient music were added to the playlist.  A VNC was added to the dedicated server to allow for remote control by the operators of zzzone.net.


The site continues its evolution toward a numbers station.


The site is undergoing a moderate redesign (it's about time).  I don't know code but I cut and paste incredibly well.


The station has undergone a long-overdue upgrade to commercial-free.  The old Live365 station remains active but the new station is going to be the flagship.  You can get directly to the player page by clicking HERE.  The station was renamed "zzzone.net" in 2009.

You can also follow the station on Twitter @zzzoneDOTnet


13 May

Important General Announcement !!!
Due to time and monetary constraints, we are downsizing to only one station, "the.zzzone : : ambient".  I apologize for loss of programming in the electro, downtempo, and eclectic genres.  Perhaps someday I will be able to re-introduce this programming.  Email me at feedback2007(at)zzzone.net with any questions.

12 Nov

General Announcement !!!
The transmission facility was returned to home base in N.O. as of mid-November 2005.  However, the general state of New Orleans and the daily frustrations of living in a bombed-out Baghdad type of situation forced dr zzzzz to re-evaluate his living situation.  A net was cast for another employment situation and in mid-2006, an improved professional situation was found for the good doctor in Austin Texas.  The old transmission facility was dismantled and placed in storage.  The move was physically made in late August.  The ambient station was switched to basic broadcast mode at 64 kbps MP3 Pro mode.  In late October 2006 another ambient station was started to add more cool ambient to the netosphere.

1 Sept 2005

General Announcement !!!
The transmission facility for the.zzzone was devastated by Hurricane Katrina on August 29.  The facility was flooded with 5 feet of water after levee breaks developed as a result of the storm and poor design by the Army Corp of Engineers.  The ambient relay stream will be renamed "the.zzzone : : katrina" until we move back into the original facility.

28 June 2005

  General Announcement !!!
Today was the second significant remodeling of the site since inception in 1999.  I chose to add a bit of flash and I also added a separate page for each station complete with news.  There is also a separate page listing artists for each station, and links will be added when time permits.  I have a lot more work to do, but it's getting there.  Enjoy?!

Thanks to all the guests, listeners, and artists that make this site worthwhile!

29 May 2005

Here's some of the latest playlist additonzzz with selectionzzz from the following:

Bauhaus - 1979-1983 Volume One
[powerful gothic rock!]

Bill Nelson - Whimsy
[one of the most consistent rockers with incredible longevity]

Elvis Costello - North
[longevity and jazziness on this one...Elvis Rules!]

Human League - Greatest Hits
[cheesy synth pop fun]

Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide
[quiet melancholy yet powerful]

Prefab Sprout - Jordan: The Comeback
[Prefab Sprout have got to be one of the groups I will always come back to...simply excellent]

David Coulter - INterVENTION
[interesting instrumental music from one of the Pogues]

Echo & The Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here
[dating back to the time of Joy Division, this group has some of the same power and fury]

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
[a hybrid mix of rock and electronics which achieves the goal of peaking one's interest]

check the above out and much more!

channel Z


16 May 2005

  dada renamed to "channel Z"
I renamed the dada station to better reflect its original content and eclecticism :)

I also added some new "artwork" to the zzzart section HERE.

2 May 2005

  strange but true...
I've been invited to DJ at a class reunion in Pennsylvania.  However, the exact date is uncertain as is my availability.  I think I would self-destruct if someone asked me to play hip hop. :P

16 April 2005

I've been too busy to post new additions, but I try to change out 10-15 songs on the playlist every week at least.

Since the last post, selections from the following CDs have been added:

Various - Karma Lounge - Chilled Global Beats (CD 2)
[old school chill with a world flavor]

Various - Coffee Table Music
[ecletic old school chill also]

De-Phazz - Natural Fake
[one of the most consistent downbeat groups...beautiful female vocals, interesting lyrics, and beeeeeeeutiful music]

Various - G Lounge Milano Volume 2
[a new comp with excellent downtempo stuff from Hird, Bliss, Phonique, and a multitude of international downbeat stars]

J.Viewz - Muse Breaks
[a new discovery...beautiful female vocals and tight contemporary electonic downtempo music...get this one now!]

Plastic Buddha - Our Friends Eclectic
[downtempo pop techno with male vocals...wow!]

Quant - Getting Out

Various - Nik Weston Presents Sakura Aural Bliss
[more old school world influenced chilled beats]

Gentle People - Music To Watch Comets By
[one of the most interesting Warp label groups gets their catalog remixed by Visit Venus, Ollano, Natural Calamity and more...very rare!]

The Mighty Bop (feat. Louise Vertigo) - Ultra Violett Sounds
[excellent overlooked French group from about 4 years ago]

The Starseeds - There Is Enough For Everyone
[lazy soothing pop music from 5 years ago]

Various - future point of contact
[a compilation of futuristic downtempo!!!]


Come by and check it out in 64kbps MP3 Pro

20 February 2005

I added selections from a new 2-disc set on Atmoworks to the ambient stream: Vir Unis and James Johnson - Samovar - The Live Transmission 2 CD2 and Vir Unis and James Johnson - The Live Transmissions 2 CD1.


19 February 2005

I've added selections from a number of sweetie discs over the last couple of weeks:

Alphawezen - En Passant
[yummy trip hop with deep female vocals]

Afterlife - Speck of Gold CD2
[melodic mellow stuff from the lovely voices of Afterlife]

Lisa Stansfield - The Moment
[upbeat yet elegant CD from one of my favorites]

Natalie Gardiner - Natalie Gardiner
[jazzy r-n-b-ish CD with a minimal attitude and another great voice]

Various - eighteenth street lounge soundtracks
[excellent smooth loungey music]

Various - Cinematic Orchestra Remixes 98-2000
[a smooth trip hopper remixes cuts by Faze Action, Theresa, DJ Krust and more...]

Hird - Moving On
[bluesy, sultry, sexy, experimental...words fail to describe one of my best new discoveries]

Jens Buchert - Sunrider
[smooth, jazzy, downtempo noodlings on the Liquid Lounge label]

Various - Vintage Chill - Winter
[with downtempo stuff from Jody Watley, Micatone, Emo, Pimp Daddy Nash, Ella Fitzgerald and more...]


16 February 2005

Here's some new additions to the dada stream made over the last couple of weeks:

Delphine Seyrig & Steven Brown - De Doute Et De Grace
[a French soundtrack with one of the guys from Tuxedomoon]

Peter Principle - Ain't Superstitious
[a strange voice with unusual music on Made To Measure...this may account for shugazr's hallucinosis]

Negativland - Dispepsi
[the cut-up boys make fun of advertising soft drinks and get into trouble for it...as usual]

Belle And Sebastian - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
[sadder and more serious B&S]

XTC - Skylarking
[a seminal album from this punk/pop group]

Depeche Mode - The Singles 81-85
[...when DM mattered A LOT!]

Yello - Claro Que Si
[classic electronic pop mayhem from the weirdest European trio of all time...]

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
[Peter Gabriel leads Genesis with intricate costumes and vocals]


13 February 2005

I received from the musician (Dwight Ashley) "Drop" a wonderful ambient CD.  I added selections from the CD to the ambient stream today.

Mardi Gras was wonderful this year.  You can check out my scrapbook picture site at http://www.kreweofsaintanne.org.

29 January 2005

 ambient stream problems!
Major recurrent lockups with the ambient stream transmitting computer have resulted in a lot a downtime for the stream lately.  I believe the issue has to do with new antiviral software which I currently UNinstalling.  Let's cross our fingers.

17 January 2005

I've added selections from the following new and old CDs:

New Order - Brotherhood
[from the original Factory import CD]

The Residents - Brumalia
[an incredibly offbeat yet accessible offering from my favorite weirdos]

This Mortal Coil - Filigree & Shadow
[one of the original gothic groups from way back...still gorgeous]

John Cale - Paris S'eveille Suivi D'autres Compositions
[classically oriented Cale-ism's]

The The - Soul Mining
[The The's first album with an ambient/pop direction]

Durutti Column - Tempus Fugit
[listen to Durutti Column if you have the chance...another group from the Factory label in Manchester from way back when...Ian Curtis from Joy Division is said to have glued the sandpaper on DC's first record]

Soft Cell - The Singles
[Marc Almond and Steve Ball who have recently reunited]


Happy Mardi Gras!

15 January 2005

I've added a quite a few selections from a variety of new CDs to the new sweetbeatzzz stream playlist:

Various - Elemental Chill Vol 4 Water
[uptempo downtempo]

Dalminjo Fjord - Fusioneer
[smooth jazz to smooth house]

Various - Hotel Costes - Sept
[no 7 in a series of stylish downtempo comps from Hotel Costes]

Alex Cortiz - Mesmerising
[a solid downtempo album from one artist...somewhat an exception in this genre]

Various - Ocean Drive The Collection Vol I
[sounds like downtempo on "Ocean Drive" should sound]

Lemongrass - Time Tunnel (72648H Retrospective)
[one of the most beautiful and consistent downtempo dnb groups puts out a 2 CD comp]

Various - Vintage Chill Volume 3 Autumn
[another good comp on the upcoming Kriztel label]

Various - Chill Out in Paris 2
[a great 2 CD comp from The Buddha Bar]

Enjoy the wonderful near CD quality sound at

9 January 2005

  sweetbeatzzz stream created!!!
Today I zapped the tech station in favor of a 64kbps MP3 Pro stream featuring some of my downtempo stuff.  I think there is too much competition for techno or just not enough interest in my mellow brand of techno.  Long Live Sweetbeatzzz!!!!  And Happy Birthday Jan!!!

The stream will feature many of the same artists as the downbeat stream but I hope to keep enough separation to encourage people to spend time with both streams.  If there is enough interest in the new stream, I may shutdown the older one at the lower bitrate.

7 January 2005

Some great new selections were added to the downbeat stream from Alphawezen's "En Passant" CD.  It's another downbeat gem from the fine store Humpty.de.  One review says "To translate yearning and dreams of faraway sceneries into beautiful and unheard sounds is what makes pop duo Alphawezen aka Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag so special. Their second album „en passant“ (succeeding their fine effort „ L’Après-Midi d’un Microphone“ / Mole Listening Pearls, 2001) comprises of 12 songs full of fleeting moments, the basic mood of which swings between soothing melancholy and mellow serenity."  You can read more and hear samples at http://www.holophon.com/en/disco/hphon0062.html

Also selections from a new CD from the excellent group Lemongrass called "Solaire Fleur".  From the Mole label site "The sunflower is a very special part of creation. It is graceful and proud. Despite all its beauty it is not just a treat for the eye but it also offers a lot of other values. "Fleur solaire" is called the latest CD of Roland Voss – founder of Lemongrass – a title that obligates. When you put "Fleur solaire” in the CD player you will feel like a field of sunflowers that follow the sun like the mirrors of a solar power plant to absorb as much power as they can. Roland Voss manages as usual to pull the listener into his spell. With Jungle, TripHop, Downbeat and the best of Lounge sound, Roland Voss takes you on a journey into a dream world of music. Chill-out for your body and wellness for your soul. “Fleur solaire”, that also contains a few House elements, is good for active listening as well as relaxing background music and will soon be an integral part of your life. Once the CD stops there is an emptiness that can only be filled by pressing the play button again. Lemongrass has again done a very good job and has proven his impressive versatility. All in all the CD contains 14 titles that are varied, melodious, and rhythmic and that compose a great masterpiece.

Lately I have been fascinated by a group called Bent.  I added selections from Bent's CD "Ariels".  From the BBC site "There's a time for doing your head in with hours of loud music in a hectic club, then there's a time for soft, gentle chill-out tunes to recuperate to (usually straight after). Bent, in case you didn't know, make the latter type.  For more of the review go to http://www.ministryofsound.com.au/music_single_coloumn.cfm?page_id=4718583114311010&se_id=115

Last but not least, selections from Deep Dive Corp's "Blackmail Recordings" were added.  Thanks to TrancePorter for that excellent CD.  It was a present to yours truly.

7 January 2005

I added selections from another overlooked Made To Measure CD called "Domino One" by Ramuntcho Matta, a Chilean artist.

The CD is described as "Ambient/Jazz/Latin soundtracks created for choreographer Régine Chopinot, for a Spanish theatre group, and for a magnificent video by Ramuntcho's father, illustrious Chilean painter Roberto Matta. Featuring musicians from various origins (Brazil, Cuba, Uruguay, India, Algeria), among which Elli Medeiros, saxophonist Cacau (ex-member of Hermeto Pascoal's group), and trumpet player Guillermo Fellove (who played in the legendary Perez Prado band)."

I also added a few selections from a compilation called Dada and Futurism Reviewed.  The CD is described as a "Archive aural document collection edited by James Nice and originally released via Sub Rosa in 1989. This unique CD compiles over an hour of original sound recordings made between 1912 and 1959 by luminaries from both 20th Century art movements, including: Marinetti, Antonio Russolo, Jean Cocteau, Marcel Duchamp, Wyndham Lewis, Guillaume Apollinaire, Kurt Schwitters, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco and Richard Huelsenbeck. Includes musical and interview material, tone poems, and sleevenotes. Artwork by Joël Van Audenhaege.
"The most enthralling LTM project to date, should lie in every record collection bar none" (Melody Maker, 12/1988); "Blows the pants off most of the crap which passes for pop these days" (Marie Claire, 1988); "Wonderful... You could imagine Tim Burton using it for a camp re-creation of a silent frightener" (The Guardian, 11/2000); "This is exceptional - from Wyndham Lewis’ poshtones to some skippy jazz-hot from Jean Cocteau, this is unremittingly fresh and joyous." (The Wire, 10/2000). See also
Surrealism Reviewed (LTMCD 2343).

7 January 2005   ambient
The ambient stream was down for an hour or so after a software application on the station machine went down and took the OS with it.  It's been a long time since I backed up the ambient machine so for today and likely tomorrow I will be doing just that.  While the machine was down, I performed a hard drive scan and I would surmise that the C-drive is starting to fail as the machine is probably 4-5 years old AT LEAST, and it has been in continuous operation for most of that time.  The ambient stream playlist takes up about 21 GB on the C-drive and about 50 GB on the D-drive.  Backup time over a USB card which was added to the computer should be several hours at least.  This backup may make the station unstable.  If so, I apologise in advance.  Thanks for reading and listening.
5 January 2005   ambient
I just got back from visiting New York City.  Apparently the ambient stream had been down since December 28, the very day I left town for the trip.  My apologies to my regular listeners.  Next time I leave town I will check the stream daily and switch over to automatic/Basic Mode if the relay stream is interrupted.  Thanks for the listener emails I received!

25 December 2004

Happy Holidays from the.zzzone!!!!

I added selections from This Mortal Coil's Filigree & Shadow CD to the dada stream.  Click HERE for a Pitchtfork.com review of this great late 80's 4AD classic.


Click HERE to see the previous news page from 2004.