Midas - 2526 Canal Street - New Orleans, LA
High Prices, Poor Quality Work, and Very Poor Customer Relations


We have been doing business with Midas Muffler on Canal Street in New Orleans for over 10 years.  Since Hurricane Katrina we have continued our patronage, but that has come to an end as of today.  We took our car in because recent repairs to the muffler system have apparently broken down as evidenced by increased noise.  When we took the vehicle in, it was mentioned that we felt that we had been overcharged on the last visit.  At that visit the owner or manager had told us that charges were now higher due to his needing to recoup the cost of repairs to his business.  As we dropped the vehicle off at Midas, we noticed that the place was virtually empty.  The owner of the store called on our arrival home from dropping off the car and mentioned that we "had gotten some things off our chest."  Once again the owner claimed that prices were now higher due to his needing to rebuild.   The car was ready shortly, and we went to pick it up.  Johnny at Midas engaged us once again.  Additionally, this store does not accept credit cards due to lack of a phone line but this was not terribly evident as there was only a small sign on the ext; when we pushed that, we were accused of not wanting to pay and were forced to come up with over $150 in cash which we were lucky to have on us.

The entire situation was bad.  First earlier repairs were apparently inadequate and necessitated multiple visits and probably increased cost.  Routine maintenance was also much more expensive than previously and elsewhere in the city (we called around to compare.)  Then management was physically threatening, argued with us about costs and implied that we were attempting to avoid payment because all we had was a credit card.


We will no longer patronise this business and we would not recommend this business to anyone that desires low prices, the use of credit cards, and/or polite customer-friendly service.  Johnny apologized for his behavior during a subsequent phone call, but this is too little and too late.  This business is probably doomed.

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