BankOne / Chase Online Funds Transfer Error with Resulting $210 Service Fee / Penalty


I noticed from my recent credit card statement and a review of my online credit card register that although I had attempted to make 6 payments to my Chase Visa ending in 6810 from my Chase checking account over the past 90 days, not only had the payments been "returned" but also I had been billed a $35 return fee in each instance.  I had made the payments via the BankOne / Chase online transfer system which allows me to simply transfer funds to my Chase credit cards.  To initiate this process with each card I am required to type in the routing number from my paper checks.

This procedure worked fine with my other Chase credit cards, but apparently with this one card, some sort of glitch had occurred despite my having more than adequate funds for each transfer.  I called the affected credit card customer service, and they referred me to Chase Bank.  They stated that apparently the account number from which I was making the transfers was incorrect (two digits were transposed.)  I repeatedly explained that I did not ever enter this number during the process of setting up transfers.


I called Chase Bank and while I was on the line, the Chase Bank representative called the affected credit card customer service, and the $210 in service charges were eliminated.  The Chase Bank representative also instructed me how to correct the account number in the online banking interface so that future transfers could be done without these issues arising.  I am still not sure how the numbers were transposed as to the best of my memory, I did not have to enter the account number in the first place.  I merely picked the account from a drop-down menu.  Although the Chase Bank rep was nice, she would not acknowledge that Chase Bank was responsible for this error.  Unfortunately at the time of my first call to Chase Bank and the Chase credit card customer service I had not noted all the charges of this nature that were made and so I had to make a total of 4 calls to handle this issue for a total of six service charge reversals at $35 each.  The Chase Bank representative was polite but on the second call, she was much "colder."  This cold edge almost made me feel as if I was somehow to blame for their errors; of course, I knew this was not the reality of the situation.

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