Best Buy
Very Error Prone, Place Burden of Proof on Customer, & Do Not Accept Responsibility for Mistakes


I evacuated to NC from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. I purchased a Reward Zone card from the Best Buy in Wilmington NC on 9/9/05. I returned to New Orleans in October 2005. I attempted to use my Reward Zone card online on 2/27/2006 but I could not login. The card number is 0408030067.

I called Best Buy's Reward Zone program on 2/27/2006 to determine what the problem was. I was informed by Tammy that my Reward Zone account had been "linked" to another member and that I would be issued a new card. However, Tammy requested that I give her the last 4 numbers of the credit card that I had used to make the purchase. I could not do so immediately as the purchase was 5 months ago. She insisted on this bit of information and would not accept alternative forms of verification. She would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. After 30 minutes on the call, I was able to locate the receipt and give her the required information.

I requested to speak to a supervisor, and I was put on hold for another 5-10 minutes. Rick (badge 4597) would not take responsibility for the error on behalf of Best Buy or offer any compensation for my time on the call. He was cold and inflexible. He repeatedly refused to put himself in the customer's shoes.

I believe I am due some form of compensation for all the time and effort I had to put forth to correct an error that Best Buy made.


This complaint was tendered to the BBB (case #15004235) on 2-27-2006 and was never answered by Best Buy until closure on 3-29-2006.  I have never received the promised account card.  I will avoid Best Buy to the best of my ability in the future.

Resolution 2

I spoke to Lindsey (badge 1288) who reported that despite the first lengthy call that I made above, the situation had not been corrected.  According to this representative, Tammy had not entered my credit card information into the system correctly and therefore my "case" to get a replacement Reward Zone account had been denied.  She reported that the new case would take 10-15 working days until possible resolution.  She did apologize for the problems indirectly taking responsibility.

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